Road barriers

In June 2020 SINIS obtained the certification of constancy of performance (FPC) for the new NDBA (National Dynamic Barrier Anas) road safety barrier, single-line traffic divider, in compliance with the EN 1317-5:2007+A2:2012/ Standard AC:2012. The restraint system, designed by ANAS, provides for 3 types of barrier: Asphalt - Concrete - Bridge, based on the shape, the mechanical anchoring system to the foot, and the reciprocal connection of the barriers.

For the production of the new barriers, which started at the end of 2021, fixed metal formworks with double stations are used, with the casting of the product upside down. After demoulding, the product is rotated by 180° using a special hydraulic overturning machine.

The barriers are made of the following main materials:
• concrete with resistance class C40/50, consistency S5, exposure class XC4-XD3-XF4;
• reinforcement with steel bars with improved adherence type B450C;
• metal inserts in S275JR steel, hot-dip galvanized according to UNI EN ISO 1461.

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