Activities and Projects


From an examination of the products and equipment present in the plant, the company's vocation for heavy structural prefabrication and for the application of advanced technologies emerges, aimed at the construction of large works with highly industrialized processes.

In In this area, constant control of the materials used, the working phases and the products produced becomes essential, also with the help of the internal laboratory.

Furthermore, the Company has specialized workers and mobile equipment to carry out on construction sites external operations of stringing prestressing cables, injection of sheaths, sealing of anchor heads. This organization makes it possible to obtain considerable savings and to optimize the production phases, while guaranteeing quality and compliance with the execution times of the works.

All the concrete mixtures are of the self-compacting type S.C.C., with resistance class up to C70/85.

The activity takes place under a quality control system (certification according to ISO 9001:2015) and CE marking (FPC Factory Production Control certification), in compliance with the legislation in force.

Current production is divided into two main sectors:
- road and railway engineering works
- industrial construction